Feelings of indecisiveness,
Both choices full of goodness,
To decide is to leave one , with all it’s happiness.
Contradictions, all so heavy intellectual indictions ,
What I feel is a mental force,
Drawn heavy like a metal coarse ,
Like an ore so raw ,
We connect in our minds , we’re so deep in core,
Oh’lly glory is sublime, you satisfy it, this bodies rhyme ,
But to pick of flesh , is to create a mesh,
Of a ‘lost cause’ foundation , I see no rotation. ,
And will it ever be love, this issue we handle with no gloves ?
Or was it just a fling, something placed on a sling?
For to stay, it can be warm to lay,
A few tears, they always pass away,
To stray is to be selfish,
For with her womb ,she was unselfish,
It’s a small price to pay,
Even with hits and blows at play,
If once Love, then it can be sparked again,
Nothing to lose, but everything to gain,
Light some candles to keep the cold away,
Can be warm again, something they’d put at bay,
What is happiness if not sacrificed for else’s sake,
Intellectual and deep ‘gasms for they you forsake,
Lest the confusions , must get to conclusions ,
Hardest part is , untangling the contradictions ,
The latter is a choice full of sanctions and functions ,
The former is a choice picking sanity over vanity.
Someone help me decide. Decision suicide.



33186756_1621708487956415_1264444887407788032_oInjections and projections,
Tied up in a maze with no progressions,
Forced to make untrue confessions,
Somewhere in you , you like my transgressions,
All I would want is equitable equality,
Yearning not for quantity but love so quality ,
And along the way I made some mistakes ,
I regret so much , try to do what it takes,
When some bridges are burned,
They leave us so scarred,
I wish I could take you to surgery,
Because I don’t want this good time thuggery ,
What can I do to make you believe,
That sometimes our brains , bad things they conceive ,
Make us want to see , what’s not, really is,
Make us approach , these situations without ease ,
All I want for we,
Is a good life for he,
The little boy we bring ,
In a once happy ring,
If I could take back time,
To the outsiders I’d speak mime,
If you ask what I want ,
It’s the past to stop the haunt,
Whatever I did wrong,
I’d hope you stop to string it along,
You and I know , that we’re both at fault,
We are all sinners , it comes by default ,
Do keep in my mind , my heart to you it belongs ,
My body your touch , ardently it longs ,
Let’s show the whole world where our hearts belong.


couple love thank you
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You are different from the rest,
In you, I find some rest,
You intrigue me so much, I’m so damn pressed,
You find a solution to everything when I’m so damn stressed,
You are like a Ying to my Yang, a wing to my Wang ,
You perplex my mind, perceive my eye, palpitate my…’I’
You are so mad deep, that’s why I’m madly in deep like of ‘You’,
You care so much, “like you care too much!”, but then you’ve met ‘I’ who don’t care too much,
You know the world is a messed up place, but you still pray for peace,
You know the hogs that fill up the place, but you still keep your calm at a pace,
You’ve heard karma is a bitch, inevitably we’ll part ways,
You’re not one to leave the pitch, so we find joy in our days,
You have the right words, find a voice for them to say,
You keep me from the wards, you give me a reason to stay,
You conform to nobody, to me you’re not just anybody, I’ll never treat you like everybody.
You are special to me, I found better than lean, make me want to stop being so effing mean,
You give me growth, no loathe, add both , pretty much sums up an oath,
You I’ll commit to you, omit some for you, emit good vibes for you, remit your fears for you,
You are all this and more, because,
You is ‘YOU’



Obituaries lie,

That people die,

Because I think we fight ,

Take an unexpected flight,

To a land where spirits go,

Souls lonely and bored dough ,

Fun, adventurous hunts,

But here people say haunts ,

So I don’t know who to believe.

The living, or the super -living Eve,

Am on a trance,

A slow dance,

To appease the fallen,

It’s a calling.

No one dies, no one dies,

I refuse to believe lies, why lie,

I’m a lie myself,

That’s why I lie on a bed of lies,

Ready for ties,


Cloth deduction,

Mass destruction,

Passion abduction,

No functions,

Just sanctions,

I refuse to believe lies,

I will live forever young.

Not in a gang,

But a paradise of bhang.


Black Supremacy

When shall we stop with the prejudice ,
Caught, just for rolling dice,
Outchea , just to get some ice ,
I’m sparked , I just feel so nice …
But the cops , they don’t give a hoot ,
Black man …! So ready to shoot,
Trained to harass, I’m embarrassed ,
By the people we choose, like we’ve got nothing to lose,
Always trying to prove , how dark don’t groom ,
Wanna give us a broom , empty out all rooms,
Now we all equal, to this there’s no sequel,
It’s time to cuddle the truth,
Cradle of mankind , & you call it uncouth ,
Black lives matter , and all else that matters,
Is what we think of ourselves, compose ourselves ,
In the dawn of adversities , we ignore our diversities

Crush XO

I say Jay what’s up ,
You say hay bay where it’s at ?
Staki snob , you make blob ,
Hey bae , don’t you want to talk , take a walk ,
Try to comprehend, my crimes apprehend ,
My commitments refresh , chuck sound so fresh ,
I am not afraid of the world,
Not anymore I don’t envy this world ,
I’ll say what I perceive, my mind conceives
And if you don’t agree just hear my plea ,
Revive the system , pull off the C-stems ,
Make it clean , like xylene ,
No sticks stems , no effects your mind lean.
In my defense I dig him,
In his pretense it’s not him,
So pace the silence, quit violence
Read my head, and keep God ahead.

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